HID car xenon conversion kits – Does Certification Matter?

HID Car xenon conversion kits are banned in many countries like USA, European countries etc. HID xenon light requires certification to comply with CE and RoHS certifications but that’s not just enough to ensure that your product that you are getting imported from China will be made clear on the customs of these countries where HID Xenon crystal light is banned and you order will be barred at the port of arrival. Now the question arises that “Why HID Car xenon conversion kits are banned?”


Well HID xenon crystal light produces brighter beam than the traditional halogen light. People usually retrofit their light with HID xenon bulb that is very dangerous because it produces glare and the oncoming traffic cannot see properly which could cause accidents. It is implied that when you want HID xenon kits then you must replace whole headlamp rather just changing the halogen with the HID xenon conversion kits. As it is a cheaper practice of Retrofitting, people prefer it to save some bucks and put their and others life in danger. In western countries Retrofitting is strictly banned but still people manage to get HID Xenon kits and applying the same practice of retrofitting to save and make more money. People also have Hi/low combination of Xenon/Halogen to deceive police by switching halogen light on and hid xenon light off. This practice gives an advantage to user of the hid xenon to avoid getting a ticket from cop.



Why do people replace Halogen with HID xenon light?

In automobile industry cars has always been modified and customized; for some it is done for some specific purpose and for some it is done to give their vehicle a different and classy look. Most of the time is has been observed that people replace their Halogen Lamp headlight with the high intensity discharge lights known as HID Xenon light. HID xenon gives the car different look and also provide better light from headlight as compare to conventional yellow (Halogen Lamp) light. Xenon HID kits are widely available in the market at very cheaper price and people go for DC kits as the cheapest one; but is not the whole story about it. In some countries there is ban on Retrofitting of HID xenon kits and not up to the mark HID ballast installations. In countries like USA where there is a ban on low quality HID Xenon kits – especially DC kits; people opt AC HID Xenon conversion kit. Now the question is that, why is it so important to replace the properly working halogen light with the xenon? People really like the different colors beam produced by the HID Xenon and Projector Headlamps, so people want to make their cars look stylish on road! Well there are many advantages of having High Intensity discharge lights; for example; more bright light for better drive off-road and on highways; and also prevents accidents if you have properly installed kits in your cars.

Different Colors from HID Xenon lamps

This customization is not only bound to the headlamp of the car. People also replace the original car parts to make it look different and add some more parts which do not usually come from the factory, like Rear Spoiler, Roof rails, NOS, Racer Muffler Tip, Decals, Rain shades, Body kits and many other extra features.